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TerahertzTechnology Water Purity Ring
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Product: Views:118TerahertzTechnology Water Purity Ring 
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Last updated: 2017-09-18 20:30
Model Number: THZring Key Specifications/Special Features: The core technology is the integration of three frontier technology - terahertz, laser and nanoTHZ is short for terahertz, specially means the frequency range between 10exp(11) and 10exp(13) Hz, which is also called THZ gap in technology world because of little researchRecently it is also regarded to be the head of the ten frontier technology which can change our future life style1.First reconnaissance the molecular vibration of water molecules and water molecular groups, calcium, magnesium, iron, carbanion and organic molecules in fluid, use HWLM technology to scan and then use software to get THZ waveform2.Extract 256 most commonly used THZ waveforms from the large amounts of survey waveforms, use laser technology to loading and immobilized then store in different chip module3.Embed plenty of low frequency sound-thermal energy thin films in the outside surface of the rings, the thin films will absorb low frequency solar-thermal energy from surroundings continuously(although invisible, but more than 40% of the total energy in surroundings) and then stimulate the 256 pairs of THZ acoustic wavelet continuously to emit4.The THZ acoustic wavelet pass through the wall of the tube and enter into fluid, generate co-frequency resonate wave with liquid molecular groups which itself have the same inherent vibration frequencyThis makes the amplitude getting more and more bigger and the wave can spread several kilometers away1.Under the action of THZ acoustic wavelet, big water molecules and organic cluster being break up and turn into small molecular groups and the activity greatly enhanced, the molecular gap in small water molecules and small organic clusters become more bigger, and the ability of scale dissolving effectively enhanced, thus it can dissolve more inorganic salt scale and organic scale, gradually softening and decomposition of old scales to achieve the effect of scale removal and paraffin removal2.During the frequent changes of fluid pressure, flow rate, temperature of the processing, salt scale in fluid following fixed changes, such as: Ca(HCO3)2==CaCO3 ↓+ CO2↑+ H2OAlthough salt scale partial crystallized, but under the action of THZ acoustic wavelet, the molecule’s vibration energy level and vibration amplitude increased, so that it can resist the inter-molecular Fan Dehua force, thus not to formation big hard scale and keep in flocculent structure sphere-like cluster in the fluid and being taken away by flowing fluidThe they precipitate down in low flow condition or being filtered out, so as to achieve continuously resistance of scale and wax effect
Absolutely physical technology
Embed installation outside the tube
Non-stopping product
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